John and I have seen over the years the incredible planning, courage and determination it takes to build that dream home or finally start that long imagined renovation. We have also seen how these dreams become a lifestyle which is why we have chosen the concept of "lifestyles" rather than projects!

These homes are so much more than a building, they are how our clients visualize living their lives, whether it is a family holiday home or a primary place of residence. The love and care we see in every part of the process, from that first step on site and those "before" photos, through to the amazing moment when the furniture is placed and keys handed over - it is truly a remarkable transformation towards living that dream lifestyle.

And it is always worth it!

We always ask our clients to send photos of that dream and like to print those to put on site. It is so important that all of us involved, from the man doing manual labour, to the carpenters, plumbers, electricians, foreman, admin staff behind the scenes, and of course for John and myself as managers, to visualize the "lifestyle" and therefore meet our clients expectations. If we can do that - we have done our job!
We are happy to share some of those lifestyles with you and more photos, details and references can be send on request.

Bali LifestyleLeisure Bay
Leisure Bay

Beach LifestyleSouthbroom
Farmhouse LifestyleShelly Beach
Shelly Beach
Mediterranean LifestyleRamsgate
Contemporary LifestylePort Edward
Port Edward
 Modern LifestyleShelly Beach
Shelly Beach
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 Simply ModernLeisure Bay
Leisure Bay
 West Hills EstateWest Hills Estate
Beach LifestyleSouthbroom 2
Beach LifestyleUvongo
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Some images of retaining walls
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A Bit of EverythingReferences
For a list of references from Proffessionals and individual home owners...

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