About Us

Words by Sarah Unsworth – owner of Southern Natal Construction

John Nicholas, who is the founder and owner of Jesjo Business Enterprises, and I met 10 years ago while working on a large renovation in Southbroom.  John was employed to do the plumbing work and I had been appointed as project manager of the contract.  Although we had both worked independently in construction for many years, we found we worked well as a team and decided to form a joint venture combining our different skills.  

John deals with all the construction and engineering issues on site, and believes in the value of a well trained and experienced full time foreman on all his sites.  He visits his sites daily and oversees all the aspects of the construction including finishing work, sub-contractors and suppliers.   I deal with all administrative issues involved in the project, which include liaising with home owner, the architect, the engineer and the quantity surveyor if one is appointed on the project.   I put together the progress claims, keeping an accurate and up to date record of the changes on the site, especially where there is a cost implication. 

We understand and readily accept changes needed on site during the building process, understanding that the process is flexible and that the owner’s requirements can change as the vision becomes a reality.  I meet with John on regular intervals on site, updating our clients with photos and progress information.   This is invaluable to our clients, most of whom live in another province or often overseas.  Regular photos and reports from site helps to keep them involved and in touch with the process.  John of course is also always available for them if they want to discuss any issues from site.  

We know our key value is offering our clients peace of mind which we both believe is extremely important – and is in fact the key motivation throughout the project.  Our many years of combined experience enables us to understand how fraught with tension and worry a new building project can be, especially if not handled correctly.  We value honesty, transparency and trust and often form a relationship with our clients which continues long after the keys have been handed over. 

We really understand how our clients trust us to change their lives and build the home they have been planning and dreaming of sometimes for many years.  It is an honour which we take seriously and at the same time we really enjoy what we do!  Every project is an inspiration, from a single bathroom to a 7 bedroom new home. They are all exciting and meaningful to both of us."

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